About Us

We specialize in problem-solving

The Federal is a community of creatives established to support digital and traditional artists by sharing ideas, inspiration, and advice. We’re a leading platform where artists, graphics and web designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, etc., all come to share insights on various industry subjects.

Since its creation in 2009, this platform has provided significant support to thousands of creatives at every stage of their professional careers. Whether you’re a graduate, working, freelancing, or leading teams, being a member of this blog won’t only get you better, it’ll also open your eyes to areas about which you didn’t know.

We offer insights, dish out pieces of advice, and furnish our creatives with tips that will help them keep up with the latest industry trends and access diverse opportunities in their fields. These will ensure that creatives have much-needed tools and ideas to craft excellent designs.

The Federal owns an online magazine where we document excerpts of interviews with industry leaders and experts regularly. Our editorial team manages and coordinates this aspect by engaging distinguished personalities in the world of arts in one-on-one interview series.


To further depict our commitment towards building an international community of exceptional creatives, we run a virtual design school, The Federal Institute of Design and Creativity. Since its establishment in 2012, the school has provided learning opportunities for over 2,000 creatives, all of whom are currently making exploits in their respective fields. We’ve got some of the best digital and traditional artists in the world moderating our numerous design courses.